“Customers can become real owners of the vineyard, winery and business, as well as enjoying some great wines and prices.”

Philip Addis, Chairman


Domaine du Grand Mayne is a beautiful vineyard in south-west France producing award-winning red, white and rosé wines.  And now there’s a chance for you to share in our success by becoming an owner in the business.  Our owners enjoy great wine at discounted prices, rent the vineyard villa on preferential terms and attend shareholder events throughout the UK and at the vineyard.

In March 2015, shares in Domaine du Grand Mayne will become available for the first time to the general public through Seedrs.com. Shares will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis, although registered individuals will be given advance notice.  For more information, please look at our Members page.

Aside from any financial considerations, there are various advantages of being a shareholder in Domaine du Grand Mayne: take a look at the shareholder benefits.

Join us…
To become an owner in Domaine du Grand Mayne, an investment of £500 will give you access to all the shareholder benefits. To register your interest please click here, and fill in the form.