Latest harvest news

The grapes are ripening beautifully at the vineyard and it was touch and go whether we begin the harvest this week. But Mathieu’s decided that the Sauvignon grapes will benefit from a few more days under the clear sunny skies, so the Grand Mayne harvest will begin in earnest next week. The order of ripening and picking is always Sauvignon first then Merlot then Cabernets and we’re hoping for a dry September.

That means of course that there’s one more chance to enjoy the last summer Friday barbecue this Friday!

The great cork debate

Let’s get this over with first…we love using natural cork for our Reserve wines. But despite lots of reassurances from the cork industry that they are solving the problem of corkiness in wines, we continue to experience very occasional problems.

Having gone to lots of trouble to look after the grapes and make great wine, it’s really upsetting for us to think that your enjoyment might be spoiled by a fault in the closure, so you’ll notice a change in the 2016 Reserve wines as we are using a closure which is becoming increasingly popular called “Diam”.

So what causes corked wine? It happens when the cork is infected by a substance called trichloloanisole(TCA), which can be transmitted from cork or even wood such as pallets in the winery. The result is a corky, musty smelling taint of differing degrees. The other problem with natural cork is the natural variation between different corks in porosity to air, which can lead to extreme variations in oxidation of the wine.

This has been particularly noticeable in white burgundy, but can also be apparent in our white Reserve which has much in common with those great wines.

The Diam process chops the cork into tiny pieces and uses carbon dioxide to remove any traces of TCA, in the same way as caffeine is removed from coffee. It also sorts the superior, highly elastic suberin component from the less elastic lignin which is discarded. It then mixes the suberin with microscopic spheres of the same substance that’s used for contact lenses, which fills the voids between the cork particles reducing the porosity to air and increasing elasticity. Finally the pieces are mixed with a glue and moulded under pressure. Phew!

You can look out for Diam’s in the fabulous 2016 Reserve wines which will be released in the UK next month.

Think Pink at Peach

Big thanks to Peach Pub Group who are offering our fabulous 2017 Rose as Wine of the Month! Silver medal winner in Paris earlier this year, you can try it at any of the Peach pubs here.

2016 Reserves

Our 2016 Reserve red and white wines, both Gold medal winners in Paris earlier this year, will be released for tasting at the vineyard BBQ tonight. More news for UK & Calais collections in a few weeks.

Latest 2018 vintage news

2018 is proving to be the hardest vintages to manage. Following one of the wettest starts to the year anyone can remember, when managing vine growth in rain sodden vineyards was a real challenge, the grapes are now filling out beautifully in temperatures of well over 30 degrees. We’re now hoping for some cooler nights to give the all important acidity to the wines