Bottles getting smaller?

Some of our customers have said that their bottles seem to be getting smaller. This phenomenon has been especially noticeable with our newly released Rosé 2019.

We are pleased to confirm that our bottles are still 750ml, and we suggest that the illusion was largely caused by the drinkability of the wine in sunny conditions over the Easter weekend.

You can check yourself by ordering here

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Vine inspired jewellery

The vine tendril is extraordinary.  Every one different, new each year, delicate and fine but with the strength to support the grape laden vines.  And they’re also very beautiful and have been a source of some great photography and art works which is why we decided to use them on our labels.

A shareholder and good friend of Grand Mayne called Christopher Milton Stevens who designs and makes some fabulous jewellery from his Bath studio, visited the vineyard and loved the opportunity the shapes gave him.

Christopher photographed hundreds of tendril shapes at the vineyard, then went away and began designing a stunning range of items.

Inspired by his visits to the vineyard, we thought you’d enjoy the full story behind the range which Christopher has called “Vine”.

Click here to see his design story.

Great Spectator Review

We received a wonderful endorsement in the Spectator last month:  Mathieu was especially pleased to see that his Reserve red “knocks the spots off” many of the more expensive wines emerging from Bordeaux.  Thank you Johnny Ray for recognising this! here’s the full review:-

“Not so much a wine merchant as a multi-award-winning artisan winery with vineyards in the Côtes du Duras near Bordeaux and a UK outlet in Hampshire, from where they deliver across the country.

My pick: 2017 Domaine du Grand Mayne Reserve, 13.5%vol, £11.21 (down from £14.95). As enjoyed at a recent Spectator Winemaker Lunch, a succulent, ripe, oak-aged Cabernet/Merlot blend made just down the road from Bordeaux that knocks the spots off many a twice-the-price claret.”