“One of the wonderful things about Domaine du Grand Mayne is the genuine warmth in the support from people who have been involved over many years. This is a great tribute to the original work of Andrew and Edwina Gordon.”

Philip Addis


We are very grateful to all our wonderful customers. And we are particularly grateful for the encouragement we have had in re-launching Domaine du Grand Mayne. The comments listed below are a selection from messages sent to us between November 2014 and January 2015. Thank you. Your enthusiastic support for Grand Mayne makes the hard work worthwhile.

It is the consistent quality of the Grand Mayne wines which keeps us coming back for more. But it is the great value that is the icing on the cake.” … Paul Cazeaux, Berkshire

We had some great times at Grand Mayne: happy memories and some even better wines.” … Jacqui McArthur, Berkshire

I have been with Grand Mayne virtually ever since it started and the quality of the wine seems to get better and better, while the value for money increases too. But the outstanding factor for me has been the lovely service we have always received from the dedicated team; it has made us feel part of a Grand Mayne family.” … James Alexander, Surrey

Beautiful wine as always.” … Martin Hubner, Norfolk

I shall look forward to supporting the best wines in the area.” … Bill Redwood, Bristol

We have had so many wonderful times from the grape picking weekends.” … Carol & Jim Woodland, Northamptonshire

What great news, and even better news that Andrew Gordon is back!” … Jacqui McArthur, Berkshire

Grand Mayne always looks good and we have been there every year to pick up wine.” … Hugh Moss, Bedfordshire

I have been buying Grand Mayne wines almost since the beginning. It took a few years to switch to oak-aged due to waiting while the wine was laid down and slowly maturing, but now we only buy oak-aged wine. I have kept a bottle from each year and now have 23 in the collection.” … Jeff McManus, Buckinghamshire

I had the pleasure of tasting some of these wonderful wines while I was living in Brussels as an ex-pat. Having returned to live in the UK two years ago, it’s fair to say that we could definitely do with some of your excellent wine over here.” … Emma Tuddenham, Surrey

I originally bought Grand Mayne wines for my father’s 70th birthday and it is something we both enjoyed, even visiting Grand Mayne a few years ago.” … Ian Scoffield, London

We welcome the return of the Grand Mayne we fell in love with.” … Jacqui McArthur, Berkshire

During the last few years I have stayed in the house, with friends and family, and I have some affection for it and its surroundings.” … John Mottram, Hertfordshire

I am so pleased Andrew Gordon is on board again and look forward to visiting the vineyard again” … St John Eastman-Thompson, Berkshire

I have been happily buying from Domaine du Grand Mayne for six years, and much good wine has been consumed, including at my daughter’s wedding. I have also visited the vineyard a couple of times.” Paul Fairweather, Oxfordshire

I was very reassured when I saw that Andrew was to become a Director of the new company, Grand Mayne was excellent and very successful when it was under his control.” … Ian Barnicoat, Kent

As Grand Mayne enthusiasts for over 20 years, we are delighted that you have come up with a long term solution. We are also very pleased to see the name of Andrew Gordon among the directors.” … Leonie and David Jones, Kent

We have always enjoyed their product” … Paul Smith

We spent an unforgetable week at the house in the vineyard in May 2003 and we would love to go again” … Tom Maley, Nottinghamshire

I have been drinking Grand Mayne for 24 years and have appreciated the wines which have improved from the earthy overtones of the red for the first few years to latterly the best rosé I have ever tasted.” … Ken Mabbutt, Manchester

Thank you for all the hard work to overcome recent difficulties …. I feel you have every chance of developing a very healthy business.” … Paul Cazeaux, Berkshire

Having been involved with Grand Mayne for over 20 years, my wife, Lyn, and I are keen to maintain our association with the developing enterprise.” … Ian Cooper, Surrey

From many years of involvement, I remember the fun on the early trips, so have a soft spot for Domaine du Grand Mayne.” … Geoff Mules, London

I have experienced considerable pleasure from Domaine du Grand Mayne, not least because it is only a short drive away from our holiday house and this has enabled me to pop in for refreshments on high days and holidays!” … John Jennings, Durham

I have been a long time fan of Domaine du Grand Mayne, enjoy immensely the wines and believe in the capabilities of Mathieu. I am delighted to hear of Andrew’s re-association with the vineyard.” … Andrew Wolstenholme, Hertfordshire

It is to Mathieu Crosnier and his team’s credit that they managed to work through the period to the recent revival.” … Patricia Ranken, London

As a very early buyer of the domaine’s wine, I cannot resist the chance to remain involved with Grand Mayne – and who knows, may even get to see it one day.”… John Cavendish, Hampshire

Having visited Domaine du Grand Mayne this year and met Mathieu, we are so excited that this is happening! We do wish you well.”… Iain McDonald, Devon

Thank you!

Many thanks to each of you for your kind words. If you’ve been to the vineyard, or enjoyed our wines recently, please do add your voice to this page by writing to us for with your comments.

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