Fab Spectator review

“Seriously flavoursome wines…”

That’s not one of our own sales lines, but the view of one of our favourite wine writers, the much-respected Jonathan Ray in The Spectator.

Jonathan went on to review all our wines, which he had tasted with Mathieu a few weeks ago, so I have shared a few of the highlights below.

It’s not just journalists who have been writing about our wines. We have also been hearing from our customers, and I’m delighted to share this feedback too.

We were delighted with Jonathan’s comments about each of the individual wines. We especially liked that high quality, coupled with great value, was a consistent theme throughout.

Sauvignon Blanc 2020:

“a beautifully constructed, modestly priced gem”

Rosé 2020:

“I really rate this and found all I wanted was another glass”

Merlot Cabernet 2018:

“a complete joy … deliciously drinkable”

Reserve Sauvignon Semillon 2018:

“delectable smoothness … both succulent and satisfying”

Reserve Cabernet Merlot 2018:

“a remarkably sophisticated drop for the price”

You can read the full article here.

5 awards for 5 wines

In a week when sporting prowess was at the fore, I want to tell you about medals.  And it’s not an early nod to the Olympics.

This week, Decanter magazine gave their annual awards, and I’m delighted to report that all five Grand Mayne wines were medal winners.  That’s five out of five.  What a fantastic achievement, Mathieu, very well done.

We will follow up with more details in future weeks.

Your lovely comments

Thank you to all for your lovely comments on our wines and the tasting events we have held recently.

Please click here to see what everyone has said about us!

At the vineyard

Long gone are the days of chemical weed and grass killer – it’s tillage time!  Properly carried out, mechanical weed and grass control improves soil aeration, the soil’s physical structure and aids water penetration. It also promotes biological activity and soil life and in turn provides nourishment to the vines.

We manage the process plot by plot. In some areas we just cut the grass and for others we simply tillage every other row to control the competition between the grass and the vine. Click here to see the action.

Winemaker masterclass

We were thrilled with all the positive feedback following our last on-line tasting, so for customers who missed it first time around, we are running two more tastings on the 27th May and 10th June.

It’ll have the same mix of amusement and information, covering topics like people, terroir, vintage and sustainability. This time we’ll be spreading the six wines over two evenings. Starting at 6pm, we expect each tasting of three wines to last around 60 minutes. Click here for more details.


Frost latest

A few weeks ago, we celebrated the first buds of the 2021 vintage in temperatures of 24 degrees. Then last week we watched in horror as temperatures dropped to minus 3 degrees, damaging the early buds and reminding us of the constant challenges that the weather brings.

Around 10% to 15% of the new buds of Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc were affected, but we’re hoping that a second budding will reduce the full impact on this year’s production. Some neighbours lit fires (with limited success) whilst other vineyard owners tried very expensive methods of keeping the frost from the buds: giant fans, candles, helicopter down-draught.

Sadly, there are reports that Burgundy will lose a significant proportion of the 2021 crop thanks to the cold weather.  Being a winemaker has its challenges.

2018 Reserves released

The 2017 vintages of the Reserve red and white are both drinking really well at present, as they will for many years to come.

We are now also launching these wines from the 2018 vintage. It was a tough spring with rain and high humidity bringing the risk of mildew, but that was followed by three glorious summer months and a harvest in perfect conditions.

Both the reserve 2018s are great wines, so please do learn more about them here: white & red.

Zoom new vintage tasting

I miss our wine tasting events.  The sounds of people chatting, the buzz from tasting multiple wines in a short space of time and the sense of pride from seeing so many appreciative reactions all belong to the time before Covid.

It may be foolish, but on 1st April we are going to create a virtual alternative.

Time: 18:30 – 20:00
Venue: your place via Zoom. Email richard.boden@grandmayne.net to join.

We’ll be tasting the new vintages 2018 Merlot Cabernet, 2020 Rosé, Reserve Merlot Cabernet 2018, Reserve Sauvignon/Sémillon 2018, Fusion red 2018 and Sauvignon 2019 (The new 2020 will be bottled later this year).

It will be a fun and informative evening with our winemaker Mathieu and others from the Grand Mayne team. A tasting case is available here containing the wines at only £60 (remember to log in or use DISCOUNT25 code) or you can just join in without the wines by emailing Richard here and I’ll send you the Zoom log in details.


Rosé 2020 available

Our 2020 Rosé was bottled a few weeks back, and has now safely arrived in our UK warehouse. I am always a little apprehensive when tasting new vintages: will it be as good as last year?

I needn’t have worried. It’s really delicious already. Close your eyes and the fresh citrussy delicate aromas evolve in to the fine red fruit of the Cabernet.

It’s got lovely balance, and yes, it made me smile. Winter evenings won’t be so dark now.