Fab Spectator review
Posted:13 August 2021

“Seriously flavoursome wines…”

That’s not one of our own sales lines, but the view of one of our favourite wine writers, the much-respected Jonathan Ray in The Spectator.

Jonathan went on to review all our wines, which he had tasted with Mathieu a few weeks ago, so I have shared a few of the highlights below.

It’s not just journalists who have been writing about our wines. We have also been hearing from our customers, and I’m delighted to share this feedback too.

We were delighted with Jonathan’s comments about each of the individual wines. We especially liked that high quality, coupled with great value, was a consistent theme throughout.

Sauvignon Blanc 2020:

“a beautifully constructed, modestly priced gem”

Rosé 2020:

“I really rate this and found all I wanted was another glass”

Merlot Cabernet 2018:

“a complete joy … deliciously drinkable”

Reserve Sauvignon Semillon 2018:

“delectable smoothness … both succulent and satisfying”

Reserve Cabernet Merlot 2018:

“a remarkably sophisticated drop for the price”

You can read the full article here.

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