Summer BBQ Award Posted:18 January 2018

We’ve added another award – one of the top attractions in the area for our Friday night  BBQs at the vineyard in July and August.  With food from the best butcher in Duras, wine from the vineyard and music from great bands to dance under the stars, what better way to spend a summer’s evening? Of course we will be repeating the evenings this summer.

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A Perfect Holiday Posted:11 January 2018

It’s a Le Mans start for the loungers by the pool at La Maison. Come and stay for a really relaxed and chilled time, surrounded by vines with breathtaking views over the valley. A warm pool awaits with Grand Mayne wines to sip in the sun.

For 2018 availability click here. Also don’t forget La Petite Maison – ideal for 2 in the beautifully restored barn. Call Richard on 01256 772898 to book.

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Grand Mayne Sale – ends Wednesday 31 January Posted:11 January 2018

The Grand Mayne SALE is now on with 10% off all Varietals and some reserve wines. Order in January to save and beat the February price rise.  Click here to order for UK delivery or here for Calais collection and for more information on the wines.

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Réserve white – the winemaker’s challenge Posted:4 October 2017

Starting with decisions regarding the quality of the grapes from different parts of the vineyard which can vary from year to year, the Réserve wines at Grand Mayne get the very best treatment. Selection is followed by a choice regarding oak barrels which can come from different countries and coopers, each of which will provide a different character to the wine. We buy from a number to ensure the right balance. Its also important to decide how many new barrels to use alongside those that we’ve used in earlier years. Regular tasting then determines just how long the wine should be left in barrel. The following is a brief summary of what’s changed each year recently in the making of Domaine du Grand Mayne Reserve white.

All the wines are fermented and aged in barrel.

In 2011 : Mathieu added a bit of Sémillon to the Sauvignon. There was also a little less new barrel (between 1/3 and ¼), and the wine was left for one year in barrel. The 2011 is lower in acidity as a result of the hot dry weather so this wine needs to be drunk over the next 12 months.

2012 was the year in which Mathieu really took over, and he selected some different barrels as he wanted less oak flavor and and more freshness. Sémillon and Sauvignon were both excellent.

in 2012 : with a beautiful balance. Ageing was during one year as with the 2011 and Mathieu believes this vintage can be aged for a long time.

In 2013 : Batches of grapes were picked before the hail that devastated the harvest in 2013 so quality was again good, but maybe not as complex as 2012. One year in barrel and a bit less acidity but good richness too.

In 2014 : The Semillon wasn’t as good as in 2012 and 2013, so this is more Sauvignon. We also left the wine in barrel for a few months less to improve balance and retain that all important freshness.

In 2015 : The Semillon was still not at the same level as in 2012, but the Sauvignon was fantastic with richness and complexity. We also introduced bigger barrels of 400 litres and new suppliers and left the wine in barrel for just 6 months. We also added the Sauvignon from a new part of the vineyard on limestone, into the blend.

Mathieu’s tasting notes

2011 : My first vintage and true to say a familiarization vintage for him so not the best example of this wine. It’s still quite good though with dry fruits, almond, dry Corinth grapefruit, and honeysuckle. And also a buttery character. A bit heavy but still fresh and well balanced. Click here to order.

2012 : Amazing ! Complex. Citrusey, dry fruit, candied fruits, flowers (honeysuckle), white fruit (dry pear) , mineral, rich, fresh, amazing balance. Nice acidity, long and saline vibrant. Click here to order.

2013 : Much the same in many ways to 2012 but a little bit lighter and less complex. Very nice balance though and a bit more sweetness at the end. Click here to order.

2014 : Different to previous vintages with more fresh citrus fruits but perhaps less complex at this point in its development. More on the fruity side which will please many. Rich round and well balanced. Click here to order.

2015 : Perhaps the best Reserve white so far. Citrus, white fruits, citrus skin, flowery and mineral. Outstanding balance, acidity, and richness. Long and fresh. Staying so long in the mouth. Click here to order.

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A Unique Experience Posted:5 July 2017

Domaine du Grand Mayne has created a unique opportunity for you to make your own personal wine vintage at the Grand Mayne winery.

Staying in our beautiful villa in the Côtes de Duras, you and your guests (up to 12 people) will work with our master winemaker Mathieu Crosnier to create your personal very special wine.

Under Mathieu’s expert guidance you will blend a barrel of wine from the very best wines currently in the Grand Mayne barrel cellar. Your unique barrel of wine will be bottled in 2018 complete with personalized labels to your design.

What’s involved?
It’s a three-day weekend event where you will taste extensively from the range of wines available for your blend. You’ll also do tastings of different vintages of Grand Mayne wines across the range of whites and reds.

Mathieu will take you through the theory and practice of wine blending, so that by the end of the weekend you will be clear as to how to incorporate your preferred styles and flavours. Your preferences will be reflected in the barrel of wine you create at the end of the weekend.

As well as spending some time designing your personalised label, you can determine how much time you set aside to relax and enjoy the house or explore the local area.

How much?
The price for the long weekend’s accommodation and 300 bottles of wine is €6000 (inc VAT). So it’s only €20 per bottle.

A long weekend (3 days)in November 2017, dates to suit you and Mathieu.

At the Grand Mayne vineyard, with accommodation in the 6 bedroom villa on site. Click Here to see the villa.

That’s up to you. The house has six bedrooms (5 with en suite), three doubles and three twins. Why not get a group of friends together!

When can we drink our wine?
Your wine will be bottled in April 2018, and will be available for drinking soon after. But our recommendation will be to take your time. If kept properly, the wine should improve for years to come, depending on the style of wine you choose to create.

How do we get our wine home?
The price includes delivery of your bottles to our warehouse in Calais, where you can collect the wine without payment of UK duty. Alternatively we can arrange to deliver the wine to UK addresses at an extra £3.80 per bottle including UK duty and taxes.

How do I book?
Call Richard on 01256 772898 to reserve your place now!

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Every wine a winner Posted:30 May 2017

From the International Wine Challenge to Decanter, and from Guide Hatchette to Revue des Vins de France, each of the wines of DGM has been recognised in this year’s round of awards.

Here in the UK we’re delighted for Mathieu and the team at the vineyard.

Silver for 2015 Réserve Merlot Cabernet and 2012 Moelleux, and Bronze for Merlot Cabernet 2015 with a commendation for our 2016 Sauvignon.

special mention in the Guide Hachette des Rosés 2017/18 for our Rosé 2016.


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Spring chills Posted:16 May 2017

There were worried faces across the vineyards of France as late frosts threatened to devastate this year’s crop following early budding. 

Bordeaux certainly suffered significant losses, as did some of our neighbours in Duras and Bergerac. At Grand Mayne, the lower vineyards were affected and we may lose around 10% or so of this years potential crop as a result. So now we’re keeping fingers crossed for a bumper harvest of fabulous grapes in other parts of the vineyard to compensate!

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Grand Mayne’s best kept secret?.. with 20% off Posted:26 April 2017

So everyone seems to love Sauvignon. And the 2015 and 2016 vintages of the unoaked Sauvignon certainly seem to hit the spot for summer drinking with their vibrant fresh fruit aromas and flavours.

But every year we separate out the best grapes for an altogether different wine; an altogether more serious relative. Sometimes we add a little Sémillon to the mix, sometimes it’s just Sauvignon, and the low yielding grapes are carefully and lovingly fermented and aged for some months in the very best oak barrels we can find.

In the past we were perhaps guilty of a little too much oak, but since 2012 the emphasis has been on the lovely fruit we get from the grapes, which we want to use the oak to wrap in a creamy layer of soft texture.

Recent vintages are amongst our own favorites but despite that, this is the wine we sell the least of, so we have decided to give everyone the opportunity to try these wines at a great price for a few weeks only.

Grand Mayne Réserve Sauvignon/Sémillon 2012

Reminiscent of top white wines from Pessac, with floral aromas and vanilla notes. Flavours of white fruits like pear, and some subtle hints of citrus and honeysuckle. Fresh and well balanced. The perfect wine for those looking for Sauvignon freshness but more complexity. Now available with a 20% discount off your special prices until 31 May 2017. Click here to order.

2012 was a great vintage in the area for dry whites as all early ripening grapes were excellent, with only the Cabernet failing to reach full potential.

Making the wine

Each year we select one parcel of the top quality Sauvignon Blanc grapes to be vinified to make this cuvée of white wine. These grapes are left on the vine to ripen for a few more days after the normal white wine harvest. Then they are carefully picked by hand and  go straight to the winery, where after several hours skin maturation, they are carefully pressed. The juice is left to settle and then run into new oak casks to ferment. After fermentation the wine is stirred from time to time over a period of several months to increase the complexity. It’s bottled in the March following the vintage.

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Spring in the vineyard Posted:26 April 2017

This week it was replacing stakes, and mending the tractor that took up much of Fifi and Manu’s time, but we’ve all also had frost that has damaged our neighbour’s vines, but luckily only a small portion of ours at the bottom of the hill. We’ll have more news of this next week.

Others have not been so lucky with Chablis, the Loire and Champagne already feeling the full effect and a big loss of grapes because of late frosts for the second year running!

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Stay at Grand Mayne for FREE! Posted:7 April 2017

The one bedroom cottage at the entrance to Domaine du Grand Mayne is newly renovated and available for rent throughout the year, with a minimum stay of just one night. And it’s yours for free for the night if you fill your car boot with our lovely wine. Buy 120 bottles of any of our wines and your night in the little stone barn is on us.

Click here for more pictures or here for more information and availability.


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March 2017 Budget Posted:13 March 2017

As the Chancellor has seen fit to make drinking more expensive, we will have to increase our prices to you by the rise in duty in the latest budget, 10 pence per bottle including VAT. This makes Calais collections even more attractive as the Euro price has remained the same and you don’t pay any duty.

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New 2016 Vintages now available Posted:13 March 2017

The 2015 reds will be amongst the best, if not the best that Grand Mayne has produced. The Merlot Cabernet 2015 is juicy and soft and perfect for summer drinking. The zingy 2016 Sauvignon and delicate pale Rosé are really fresh and will provide great pleasure throughout the year.

These wines are all now in bottle, and can be ordered for delivery to your door in the UK, or for collection from the vineyard or Calais. Click here to order and see Mathieu’s tasting notes (log in for your special prices).

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Cigar Dinner in Knightsbridge Posted:9 December 2016

An exclusive gathering of cigar afficianados enjoyed an extremely convivial evening at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge on Tuesday evening, smoking classic hand-rolled Cuban Davidoff cigars accompanied by a delicious dinner with Grand Mayne wines. Starting with our delicious sparkling Rosé as an aperitif, we moved on to the Sauvignon 2015 with the starter, and the Réserve Merlot Cabernet 2012 and Réserve Sauvignon/Sémillon 2012 with the main courses. We finished with our new dessert Moelleux 2012 which was enjoyed by all.

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2016 Harvest Posted:14 October 2016

A great gathering of 60 celebrated the 2016 harvest with gourmet lunches, dinner and dancing after having picked grapes to make 2000 bottles!

This year’s harvest will end around the 20th October with perfect weather, sunny and warm by day and chilly at night. The yield is high and the quality very good. The whites are well balanced with a lower sugar level than last year and the reds have superb colour and will be another great vintage.

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China buys Grand Mayne wine Posted:14 October 2016

Congratulations to Mathieu and the team on our first bulk sale to China, with an order for 11,340 bottles of Reserve Merlot Cabernet 2012.

China took another step to becoming a wine superpower last week when they came top in a blind tasting competition in Provence, beating 21 nationalities including the French to take first place.

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2014 Merlot Cabernet gets 2 stars in Guide Hachette Posted:14 October 2016

We’re proud to announce our 2 star award for our 2014 Merlot Cabernet in the Guide Hachette. Congratulations to Mathieu and the Grand Mayne team on this great party wine, which is a veritable basket of fruit for the nose and palate, with spicy hints and subtle tannins. It’s amazingly soft and appealing.

Click here to order.

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New On-line Shop Posted:10 August 2016

It’s now easier and quicker to place your orders on-line. With our full range of wines all drinking beautifully and all available to order in our shop, click here to see the full range. Login using your email address and password to see your discounted prices. If you’ve forgotten your password, click here to re-set.

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Brexit Posted:7 July 2016

Despite Brexit, it’s full steam ahead at the Anglo/French alliance of Domaine du Grand Mayne, with our only immediate concerns relating to exchange rates and the impact on the price of wines in the UK.

For now we’ve decided to keep UK prices unchanged, making the wines even better value, and it’s also a great time to save some extra pennies (or euro’s!) by collecting from our Calais warehouse.

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Join us for the Harvest Posted:7 July 2016

Visiting is great at any time of the year but there’s no better time to be there than during the harvest.

The Harvest Event is on the 24/25 of September, with long lunches, lively company and gourmet dinners. You can also really be involved in the production of this year’s wine.

Grape picking, tasting fresh pressed juice, discussing the impact of weather on the style of the wines, and all against a backdrop of long lunches, wine, great company and a Saturday night celebration of gourmet food and dancing under the moonlight! Click here to find out more.

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Grand Mayne wine for Duke of Kent’s 80th birthday Posted:7 July 2016

The President of the Royal Choral Society is HRH The Duke of Kent who last year celebrated his eightieth birthday. It was decided to hold a concert to mark this and the many years of service that the Duke has put in on behalf of not just the Royal Choral Society but many other charities throughout the UK.

It was also thought that it would be a good idea to make it a party for the choir, their families and friends and choir supporters who faithfully attend our concerts – as a way of saying “thank you” for your support.

And so on 12 May in the Great Hall at Central Hall Westminster the choir entertained their guests to a delightful concert, preceded by a wonderful reception and followed by a further reception with delicious “puddings”. The wine flowed, even on Methodist premises, and it was of course supplied by Domaine du Grand Mayne with specially printed labels marking the occasion – and delicious it was too!

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In the vineyard Posted:7 July 2016

The team have had their challenges so far this year, and there’s no doubt that the bad weather during blossoming will result in a smaller harvest.

We’ve been luckier than many others though who have been really badly hit by the frost and hail. In the last few weeks the sun’s come out and its been very hot , and much of the vintage comes from the weather over the coming months. Whatever this year brings, we’ve got some fabulous wines from the 2015 vintage in tank and barrel to look forward to!


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We recommend… Posted:16 May 2016

All the new bottlings of the unoaked varietal wines will provide you with some great summer drinking. The 2015 Sauvignon is ripe and pure, the Rosé is delicate, fresh and dry, whilst the 2014 Merlot Cabernet is luscious and soft.

But we’re also really fond of the 2014 Sauvignon. And if you want to grab a bargain we’ve reduced the price on the last few cases by €1 a bottle in Calais.

If the reserve wines are your thing, then you’ll find that the 2012 vintages of both white and red are drinking beautifully.

Click here to order.

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Vineyard News Posted:16 May 2016

The big relief in the vineyard last month was that we missed the devastating frosts that hit the Loire, Chablis, Macon and Burgundy.  The damage a late frost can do is unrecoverable as it kills off the sprouting buds and with it, that year’s harvest. There’s a long way to go yet in 2016, but everyone’s been busy making sure that the whole vineyard, including the new vines planted last winter, are in great condition. Our fingers are firmly crossed for another great vintage.

Meanwhile, in the cellar Mathieu will be checking to see if racking (see below) is necessary, and getting ready to take the 2015 Reserve white out of barrel.  Martin Meinert reckons that the Sauvignon from the limestone soils is the best he’s tasted from Grand Mayne, and the Sémillon is also excellent, so hopes for this wine are very high at this stage.

The 2014 Reserve white is also excellent, with balance and complexity.

Of the Reserve reds, the 2014 is about to be blended using some exceptional Merlot and Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2015 to follow is promising to be spectacular and amongst the very best in 30 years of Grand Mayne. Deeply concentrated Merlot, beautifully ripe Cabernet Franc and powerful and complex Cabernet Sauvignon will provide some fabulous ingredients for Mathieu and the team to weave some magic.


Racking: or soutirage is a traditional method in wine production of moving wine from one barrel to another using gravity rather than a pump. The process is repeated when the casks are moved to the second-year cellar. Soutirage was developed in the Bordeaux region of France in the 19th century at a time when there was no electricity to power pumps and many estates in the area still employ this labour-intensive method. During aging, the wine is decanted several times from barrel to barrel, with tiny amounts of oxygen softening tannins. The process also helps clarify and freshen the wine by removing the fine lees or sediment.

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Where to drink Posted:16 May 2016

You’ll find Grand Mayne wines now in pretty well all of the local restaurants in Duras as well as an increasing number further afield like the Michelin starred La Tour des Vents near Bergerac where we’re often the only Duras wine on the list.

Closer to home you can order Grand Mayne at an ever increasing number of great restaurants and Gastro pubs.

List of restaurants serving Grand Mayne



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Grand Gift Giving Posted:16 November 2015

We have your Christmas all wrapped up this year at Domaine du Grand Mayne.

You can choose from our range of great wines presented in luxurious gift packs plus the opportunity to *personalise your labels with a special message.

Alternatively we can hand write your message on one of our distinctive Grand Mayne cards, and deliver your gift direct.

Please note the minimum order for all our gift packages is 12 bottles (in any combination).

The following is a small selection of recommended gifts, but we can also tailor to suit.

Gift box single







Single Gifts

Grand Mayne bottle fermented Sparkling Rosé.
Soft red fruit flavours, with a gentle touch of sweetness.
Packed in an elegant branded black gift case @ £11.50.
Domaine du Grand Mayne Revolution 2009.
Our top powerful yet subtle Merlot, aged in oak.
Packed in an elegant branded black gift case @ £17.50

Gift box double







Two Bottle Gifts

Grand Mayne Sauvignon 2014
Grand Mayne Merlot Cabernet 2013
Fresh, clean white and fruity red wines.
Packed in an elegant branded black gift case @ £19.50

Domaine du Grand Mayne Réserve Sémillon Sauvignon 2012.
Domaine du Grand Mayne Réserve Merlot Cabernet 2011
Only the very best hand picked grapes from each vintage, aged in oak.
Packed in an elegant branded black gift case @ £25.50

Six Bottle Gift Packs

Grand Mayne Sauvignon 2014
Domaine du Grand Mayne Réserve Sémillon Sauvignon 2012
Grand Mayne Merlot Cabernet 2013
Domaine du Grand Mayne Réserve Merlot Cabernet 2011
Domaine du Grand Mayne Vendange Tardive (50cl)
Grand Mayne bottle fermented Sparkling Rosé
One each from across the range of our fantastic wines
Packed in a branded white Grand Mayne carton @ £63.50

Gift boxes are available UK only, but if you buy wines in Calais or want your own wine selection, we can supply the gift boxes separately to you for £2.40 per single and £3.60 per double.
If you want personalised labels, we must have your order by 20 November to ship in time for Christmas.

For more details or to customise your order, please ring Richard in our Ashe Park office on: 01256 772898.

Small print – delivery costs:
Bulk delivery of gifts will be quoted separately and will be charged at cost.
Individual address delivery is available at £7.95 per address
Minimum order for all our gift packages is 12 bottles.

*Personalised labels subject to a minimum label cost of €50 (£35).

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Personalise Your Presents Posted:6 November 2015

Wine makes a great gift at any time, but wine with your message on the bottle must make for the perfect personalised Christmas gift.

Here at Domaine du Grand Mayne we can turn an already fabulous wine into something even more memorable with a message of your choice on the label. Order before Nov 20th for delivery to any address in the UK or collect from our warehouse in Calais, to make your gift one that will not be forgotten.

The choice of message is yours but we advise keeping it brief so that it looks good on our minimalist designed labels – perhaps ‘Merry Christmas 2015’ across the top and if you are thinking corporate then the name of your company along with the logo in the bottom corner?

Whatever you want we will try and accommodate it. However, time is running out so we need to know what you require along with which of our superb wines – our fresh, dry white Sauvignon, our pale pink Rosé or our soft, juicy and smooth Cabernet Merlot – you wish to personalise.

In the UK our varietal wines cost just £7.95 (inc.VAT) including delivery, and personalising them is just 20p a bottle more. However, if you fancy a trip to Calais then you can save on duty and each bottle will cost just €5.83 (approximately £4.16) plus 20 per bottle for personalisation.

To discuss your requirements and to place your order, please ring Richard Boden now on: 01256 772898 or email: Don’t forget the absolute deadline to personalise your presents this Christmas is November 20th.

Small print: All prices and personalisation, subject to a 12 bottle minimum. Personalisation subject to a minimum cost of €50 (£35).

Kind regards

The Grand Mayne Team
01256 772898

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Christmas Cheers Posted:3 November 2015

Christmas! It is closer than you think – around eight weeks in fact. Are you ready? Presents wrapped? Tree ordered? Menus prepared? Wine bought?

Obviously we can’t help wrap the presents or trim the tree but we can help with the wine either as a gift or for your own enjoyment. No problem.

You could be buying some of our fantastic wines for as little as £4.25 per bottle if you fancy a quick trip to France! Choose from our range of fresh dry whites, pale pink rosés or succulent reds all produced by our wine maker Mathieu Crosnier and a small dedicated team in the rolling fields of the Côtes de Duras in France.

You can save duty on our award winning Sauvignons, our delicate perfumed Rosé or our soft juicy and smooth Cabernet Merlot by picking them up from our warehouse in Calais. Wines cost £3.70 less when you pop over the Channel to Calais. You get the same £3.70 saving on our Réserve Range of aged Sauvignon Semillion 2012 or Merlot Cabernet 2011 that come in at just £7.25 a bottle. And to get the party started, don’t forget our Sparkling Rosé – a Grand Mayne favourite fresh with fine bubble and a refreshing taste of strawberries priced in Calais at just £6.60 a bottle.

And there is no better time to travel now that the ferries and tunnel are off peak with ferry prices starting from as little as £35 each way (approx. 90 minutes) and tunnel prices from as little as £30 each way (approx. 35 minutes).

Why not make a day of it by having lunch at one of the many excellent restaurants in Calais. The top one on Trip Advisor at the moment is the Aquar ‘Aile which as well as first class cuisine has views over the beaches and out across the channel. For the full Travel Advisor top ten listing go here

There are also bargains to be had. Head for the village of Coquelles to visit Cité Europe and for designer bargains Marques Avenue Factory Outlet may be just the ticket. And finally stock up your larder French style with jams, meat, charcuterie and fresh seafood.
Check the prices for our whole range before ordering online  and collecting from the very friendly family run English speaking Franglais Vins which is a short seven minute drive from the ferry terminal and only a two minute drive from the tunnel. They are open seven days a week and as well as stocking Domaine du Grand Mayne wines you can take the opportunity to stock up on beers and ciders.

But if none of this is for you then you can order now for free delivery to anywhere in the UK any of our wines starting at just £7.95 a bottle for the Varietal Range or if you fancy a treat for Christmas just £10.95 for our Réserve Range. And if you want to get the party started then opt for our Sparkling at just £8.99 a bottle.

Christmas sorted!

P&O Ferries can be booked here
DFD Seaways here
The tunnel crossings can be booked here.

See you in Calais!

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It’s even easier to buy wine with our new online shop Posted:13 October 2015

We’re delighted to let you know that our online shop has launched and people are already buying their wine online. It’s really simple… go to and hover over ‘Shop’ in the main menu. You’ll get three options: UK Shop (to have it delivered to your home or collect from our offices), Calais Shop (to collect your wine at Calais) and Vineyard Shop (to collect your wine from our vineyard). Pick whichever you want and start shopping!

To use our online shop you’ll need to create an account. There is a button on there to set this up and many of you will already have your login details. If you have questions, or get stuck, however, just contact

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Why can’t I taste apples? Should you sip or gulp when wine tasting? Posted:13 October 2015

There’s nothing worse that sitting at a wine tasting listening to everyone around you enthusing about tasting apples when all you can taste is… well… wine! Is being able to taste all these flavours the sign of a real wine expert, or something that one can learn?

A recent article in The Telegraph (19th September 2015) reported on a controversial new study that stated that the taste of wine varies greatly, depending on the size of the sip taken.

The article stated:

“While taking a small slurp can produce grassy, woody and even almond flavours in a white wine, a larger gulp can transform it into a blast of citrus and flowers.”

According to the scientists behind the research, this is because wine releases different quantities of chemicals, known as volatiles, in the mouth depending on the volume of liquid tipped in. These chemicals influence the way it tastes.

We all know that the smell of wine is important and it does, indeed, influence the way we experience the taste of wine. However, the researchers found that human saliva fundamentally changes the way volatiles are released from wine, producing quite different flavours in our mouths than we would expect from smelling the wine. This explains why, sometimes, we smell something very different from the eventual taste.

As you would expect, this research has caused a stir within the wine community. Many commentators have suggested that it will change the way wine tasting is conducted in the future.

However, Victoria Moore, the Telegraph’s wine critic, made a valid point when she said that it would be very hard for drinkers to accurately regulate the amount they took with each sip for it to make any meaningful difference.

“Everything we do changes the way we taste the wine, whether it’s the type of glass we use to the amount we pour into the glass. But sniffing remains one of the most important ways we detect flavours,” she said, adding:

“It’s hard enough to persuade people not to fill their glasses to the top because you lose the aroma of the wine which produces so much of the taste, never mind them remembering to alter the size of their sips.”

But what impact does (or should) this have on your glass of wine at home? Day-to-day, probably very little. However, this study suggests that you could enjoy far more sensory pleasure from your glass of wine simply by varying the size of your sips.

The researchers recommend small sips to taste baked apple, apple pie and floral flavours associated with Chardonnay, Semillon, and Sauvignon Blanc, while larger sips detect the flavour of berries, cherries, grapefruit and honey.

We’d be interested to hear your views on this, and the flavours you can taste in Domaine du Grand Mayne wines, depending on how you taste them.

Full details of the research can be read here.

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A gift from us to your friends Posted:13 October 2015

Here at Domaine du Grand Mayne we believe that our vineyard community of friends, shareholders and supporters is one of the things that makes our wine taste that little bit better. That’s why we’d like to offer a gift from us to your friends.

You can now invite your friends to enjoy outstanding wines direct from the vineyard at great prices.

Simply forward the email sent last week to a maximum of six friends between now and the end of October and they will each save £38 from a special mixed taster 12 bottle case of Grand Mayne wines (list price £113.00) which have been made with care and passion by our small dedicated team. All they need to do is click here and use Promotion Code TRYGMSAMPLE at checkout.

NB …by ordering now, they will also qualify for all the benefits of the special friends and family membership, which include discounts and exclusive events.

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Calais collections Posted:13 October 2015

We feel really guilty mentioning Christmas when it’s only just October, but with wines for both everyday drinking and special occasions we wanted to provide you with plenty of time to plan both your own drinking and wine gifts this Christmas.

This is especially important if you want to save lots of money by collecting wines for you and your friends from Calais.

Buying from Calais can typically save you around £30.00 a case, and it couldn’t be easier, with our Franglais Vins warehouse just 5 minutes from the tunnel exit. And we’ve had lots of reports lately which confirm that there are currently no delays or problems at Calais to deter you. Current rates are £30 return with P&O or £60 on the tunnel. There’s also still time to order personalized labels by calling Richard Boden on 01256 772898.

“Just to let you know that the collection of my wine order all went very smoothly last week end and could not have been easier as it is just 10 minutes away from the Eurotunnel terminal.” Alistair Bird, London

“We were a little apprehensive knowing of all the trouble with the migrants etc. but although our visit only took in Cite Europe and Franglais Vins we saw no trace whatsoever of any form of trouble, migrants or illegal immigrants” Brian Parfitt, West Sussex


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2015 Harvest and Vendange Event Posted:13 October 2015

We’ve got really high hopes that the first vintage we’ll be making under our new ownership will be one of the best ever at Grand Mayne.

The balance of the whites between acidity and alcohol, which were picked early in September, is very good, and early signs are that the wines will have the fruity character and freshness that we’re looking for.

We’re also delighted with the concentrated juicy fruit from both the Merlot and the Cabernet Franc, and there’s every sign that the Cabernet Sauvignon which is the last to be picked will be every bit as good.

All those who came to help at the grape picking festival over the weekend of the 26th and 27th September not only helped to get the harvest in under clear blue skies, but were also the first to taste the succulent fresh juice as it went in to the tanks.

Picking of Cabernet Franc was followed by a perfect vineyard lunch washed down by copious quantities of Grand Mayne wines. Then following a much needed siesta, it was back for a five course supper and dancing under the stars until well after midnight.

Sunday (with some slightly bleary eyes), was brunch, winery and vineyard tours.

A big thanks to all who made the journey and a date for diaries for next year’s event is 24th and 25th September 2016.

But don’t just take our word for it… hear what some of those that took part, had to say:

“What a great weekend and good to see and hear about all the changes in hand and planned to make the experience even better.The annual Vendange weekend will be back on our calendar from now on.”    Leonie and David Jones

“We had a great time over the weekend, meeting all the DGM people and made thoroughly enjoyable with the picking experience, fantastic weather, new people, food, wine, dancing, etc, etc” Nick & Sally Hornsey, Hampton


“Chris and I enjoyed the weekend very much and certainly enjoyed the wine. Next Vendange weekend is in my calendar and we definitely plan to be there in 2016.” Sue Green, Olney


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Winemaker dinners matching food with Grand Mayne wines Posted:10 September 2015

We’re delighted to confirm details of the November events in Manchester, Bristol and London, which will be hosted by our winemaker Mathieu Crosnier, focusing on the best flavours and foods to ensure maximum enjoyment of Grand Mayne wines.

We’ve selected some great venues, and each chef will be liaising closely with Mathieu over the coming weeks to ensure some outstanding menus. We’ll also make sure you taste some of the very best of recent vintages and get first hand knowledge of this year’s vintage too!

Please do bring friends so that we can introduce as many people as possible to Mathieu and the wines and please reserve your places asap to avoid disappointment. Just email with the number of people and venue, along with a contact number so Richard can call you to take a card payment.

Price at each venue including a sumptuous four course supper and all wines is only £69 per person. Any profits go to our chosen charity Action Against Hunger.

2nd November Hotel Gotham, Manchester (special room rate of £149 also applies at this venue).
The restaurant at Hotel Gotham had to be good to compete with the rest of Manchester’s fantastic foodie scene. So they’ve created a restaurant with atmosphere, a menu with a bit of edge, full of local seasonal produce.

3rd November The Glassboat Restaurant, Bristol
The Glassboat restaurant is, and always has been, that rare combination of style and substance. Its unique waterside location and elegant interior are matched, if not surpassed, by the quality of dishes created on board.

4th November Rotunda Bar & Restaurant, London
Situated in Kings Place alongside Regent’s Canal, Rotunda bar and restaurant serves honest, seasonal food centred around the beef and lamb from its own farm in Northumberland. With its own private dining room and waterside terrace it’s the perfect place for a party, dinner or alfresco drink.

7 pm tasting. 8 pm dinner.

Please contact us if you would like us to advise on accommodation.


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Domaine Du Grand Mayne
There are still a few weeks of summer rosé drinking left Posted:27 August 2015

Whilst the sun is still out and it feels like summer there’s no denying that a crisp glass of rosé wine can hit the spot like nothing else. We spoke to Mathieu Crosnier, winemaker for Domaine du Grand Mayne since 2011, and General Manager of the company in France, down at the vineyard, about the things he likes to eat with Domaine de Grand Mayne’s glorious 2014 Rosé.

“Many things can be good with rosé”, said Mathieu. “One of my favourite things to eat is late summer tomatoes. And whilst I wouldn’t normally recommend an English chef over a French recipe, this Tomato Tart by Jamie Oliver is really great and easy to make. This beautiful tomato tart also works well with our 2014 Sauvignon.

“If you’re after something a bit more summery, however, you can also add a bit more mustard on the pastry and even some thin, dry ham on the top. Some of my favourite types of tomatoes to eat with rosé wine include Heart of Ox, pineapple tomatoes, Green Zebra, Rose de Berne, Black Krim and small cherry tomatoes.

But if you’re after something with rather more punch, to go with your rosé wine then, for me, Prawns a la Plancha is perfect. Sitting out in the evening sun with a large plate of this and an even larger glass of Domain de Grand Mayne 2014 Rosé? What could be better in life?”

You can read more about our rosé wine here… and whilst it says it can be kept for one or two years, we suspect it won’t see out the summer, once you taste it!

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Domaine Du Grand Mayne
It’s been a scorcher this summer and that’s good news for wine lovers Posted:27 August 2015

Whilst it might have been a wet and windy summer here in the UK, down on the Côtes de Duras France has been experiencing its third hottest summer since 1990 – and that’s good news for the wines produced from this summer’s harvest. Whilst Mathieu and the team have had a hard time making sure things didn’t dry out too much, the heat has produced really healthy vines, drying up any hint of the dampness that can lead to fungus diseases and a negative impact on the grapes.

There’s no denying that it’s a fine line to walk, however. Only two weeks ago Mathieu was commenting that the “hot weather is starting to be too much for the vines”. With only scorching heat there is the worry that the vines will dry out too much and, those that survive, will provide only small fruit. However, with careful management (and some much needed rain more recently) things have turned the right way. The heat has kept the vines free from disease and the recent rain has provided much needed relief. As Mathieu was telling us this week, “now things are growing well we want dry and hot weather during the days and cool during the nights…”

We’re keeping everything crossed that we get exactly that… and we’re looking forward to this year’s crop as exceptionally good quality. We will keep you updated as the summer heads towards harvest.

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Domaine du Grand Mayne at la Fête des Vignerons de Duras Posted:27 August 2015

On 9th August 2015 Domaine du Grand Mayne was proud to take part in the annual Côtes de Duras wine fair. Situated in the midst of the walled medieval city the day is full of festivities celebrating the wine of the region. Run for 24 years and attracting over 15,000 people, this single day offers visitors to the region vineyard visits, music and a chance to taste of 150 of the local wines.

Earlier this year we were awarded Ambassador status by the Appellation Côtes du Duras, winning 4 distinctions for our Sauvignon 2013, Reserve white 2012, Merlot Cabernet 2012 and Reserve red 2011. We were pleased to be able to play a big part in the day’s festivities with tastings and a chance to enjoy some amazing music, wine and fun.


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.42.16










Domaine du Grand Mayne / rock / Wine #grandmayne #rock #wine

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Domaine Du Grand Mayne
What’s been happening at the vineyard this month? Posted:27 August 2015

News of awards, harvest and other things going on at the vineyard in August.

  •  Véraison is a viticulture (grape-growing) term meaning “the onset of ripening”. It is originally French, but has been adopted into English use. The official definition of véraison is “change of colour of the grape berries.” This month we’ve been checking that this maturation has taken place successfully and the berries have an increasing amount of sugar in them.
  • Following several weeks of heatwave, we’ve also had some much welcome rain. This has meant the team spending time checking all the vines to make sure they have remained free from disease.
  • In the cellar we’re working hard to organise things for the harvest. Fifi is fitting the harvest machine and we’re all planning the weekend for when our shareholders visit, as well as preparing barrels to rack the 2014 white and red wines.
  • Hector has joined the team to help out, as things get busier. He has been working on personalised labelling as well as running tastings in the shop.
  • We’re looking forward to hearing the results of the latest Hachette guide. We’re confident that we have received some awards but won’t know the number of stars, or the wines chosen until the end of August/beginning of September.
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Domaine Du Grand Mayne
Want to know what you’re missing? Try our sample mixed case. Posted:13 July 2015

If you have not previously had a chance to enjoy our wines, we would love to send you a sample mixed case of 12 bottles.

The price is £95, including delivery within the UK.

You will receive: 2 x 2012 Merlot Cabernet, 2 x 2014 Sauvignon Blanc, 2 x 2014 Rosé, 2 x 2011 Réserve Merlot Cabernet, 2 x 2012 Réserve Sauvignon Sémillon, 1 x Vendange Tardive (Dessert) 2005, 1 x Sparkling Rosé.

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Domaine Du Grand Mayne
News of Domaine du Grand Mayne’s famous harvest weekend! Posted:3 July 2015

The harvest event at Domaine du Grand Mayne was one of the highlights of the event calendar for many years and now it’s back!

On the morning of Saturday 26th September you can pick up the secateurs and get grape picking before lunch and the obligatory glass or two of Grand Mayne wine. Having joined in with the harvesting, you’ll be able to relax later in the day in convivial surrounds with a celebratory meal and a steady flow of delicious wines.

On Sunday 27th you can shake off the cobwebs and join us for tours of the vineyard, a tutored tasting with Mathieu and brunch. The price for the weekend to include all food, wine, and entertainment is just £125 per person and that includes a small contribution to our favourite charity Action Against Hunger.

You may like to drive down and load up your car with your winter drinking but there are also plenty of flights available to Bergerac airport (30 mins), Bordeaux (75 mins) or Toulouse (120 mins), and we have a list of recommended gites and hotels that we can forward to you or you can find on our web site – click on the link below. Places are limited however so if you’d like to join us please contact Richard on 01256 772898 to reserve your place.

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Launching our new ‘La Maison’ brochure Posted:1 July 2015

We’re thrilled to see how popular the beautiful villa is at Domaine du Grand Mayne. If you’re interested in staying there we’re taking bookings now. You can download our new brochure by clicking on the image below.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 12.24.21

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Domaine du Grand Mayne supports Action Against Hunger at Too Many Critics event Posted:29 June 2015

Last night we were delighted to be involved in the Action Against Hunger Too Many Critics event at the Merchants Tavern, Shoreditch. Domaine du Grand Mayne has chosen Action Against Hunger to be our charity partner this year.

This year the critics were put through their paces preparing a meal at Merchants Tavern under Michelin starred chef Angela Hartnett’s strict direction! Cooking for guests including many of London’s top chefs, Domaine du Grand Mayne helped the charity raise well over £30k. A week end at the guest house in the vineyard was bought for £4000 and Angela Hartnett helped the bidding by offering to cook at the house for the winning bidder!

Action Against Hunger Too Many Critics

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Réserve Sauvignon Sémillon listed in Le Point Summer Wine Guide Posted:29 June 2015

We were thrilled to see our 2012 Réserve Sauvignon Sémillon selected by Olivier Bompas and Jacques Dupont to be part of Le Point’s “summer wine guide”.

You can read the review here and buy the wine by calling Richard in the office.

Le Point June 2015 Summer Wine Guide

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Celebrating Sauvignon Blanc Posted:25 June 2015

Simon Woods shares his views on Grand Mayne Sauvignon Côtes de Duras 2013, South West France (£6.95 Domaine du Grand Mayne)
“Classic spring flavours – nettles, cut grass, bracing citrus and greengage with a slightly developed character of honeyed flower water, and just a hint (not unpleasant) of the feline. B”

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Pre-bottling Offer for Magnums & Jeroboams Posted:23 June 2015

We will be bottling the 2013 Merlot Cabernet, the 2013 Reserve white and the 2012 Reserve red in July, with a small portion of each going into larger bottles. As they have proved popular in the past, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to secure stock by ordering pre bottling. On a per litre basis, the prices for the Magnum and Jeroboam are the same as for the standard 750ml bottles and remember that the Merlot Cabernet can also be bought with personalised labels for gifts, anniversaries, weddings or other special events.

We must though receive your order please via our UK office before the end of June, and your wines will be ready for you in August or we would be happy to hold them for you until you need them.

2013 Merlot Cabernet: Magnum @ £14 delivered UK / €9 collected Calais. Jeroboam £28 delivered UK / €18 collected Calais.
It’s a miracle that in this very difficult vintage, Mathieu has produced a wine like this. The wine is dominated by the Merlot that was picked before the hail swept through the vineyard, destroying much of the Cabernet. It’s a lovely, supple juicy wine that we think is perfect for drinking any time over the next three years.

Personalised labels on the Merlot Cabernet are available at a minimum personalisation fee of €50.

2013 Réserve Sauvignon/Semillon. Magnum @ £18 delivered UK / €15 collected Calais. Jeroboam £36 delivered UK / €30 collected Calais.
Dominated by Sauvignon which was also picked before the hail, the 2013 Reserve white was in barrel for 12 months of which a quarter was new. The wine has a lovely fresh floral character, with a background of vanilla. It’s soft and almost buttery on the palate and ready to go as far as drinking’s concerned, although as with all our Reserve wines it will age well for 3 to 5 years if you can resist drinking it for that long.

2012 Réserve Merlot Cabernet. Magnum @ £18 delivered UK / €15 collected Calais. Jeroboam £36 delivered UK / €30 collected Calais.
This was a long vintage with harvesting going on well into October, and that has resulted in this lovely elegant wine. It’s a deep attractive ruby colour, and the two years in barrel has softened the wine beautifully so like the white it’s ready to go and will give lots of pleasure over the coming 5 or so years.

As ever, to order please just let me know by phone or by email what you would like. Minimum order size is six bottles for magnums or three bottles for jeroboams.

For more information, please contact Richard in the UK office.

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New Releases for 2015 Posted:27 March 2015

Our fresh new vintages with new labels and great prices will be available mid-April, but you can order them now for collection at the vineyard, in Calais or delivery to your door in the UK. The 2014 Sauvignon and Rosé are some of the best from Grand Mayne so far, as are both the 2011 Réserve Merlot Cabernet (previously Cuvée Prestige) and 2012 Réserve Sauvignon Sémillon (previously Cuvée des Vendangeurs). The 2011 was the first wine to be made by our talented winemaker Mathieu Crosnier. For the latest list of wines with our 25% DISCOUNT on all orders received up to 30 April click here.

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Ambassador award for Grand Mayne Wines Posted:26 March 2015

Each year, the Appellation Côtes du Duras invites somelliers, journalists, restaurant owners, bloggers, sommellier students and wine business students to elect the wine ambassadors for the Duras region. We presented our wines in a blind tasting for the first time this year, and were awarded Ambassador status with 4 distinctions for our Sauvignon 2013, Reserve white 2012, Merlot Cabernet 2012 and Reserve red 2011. We look forward to representing the Cotes de Duras with these prestigious awards.

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Share sale news Posted:25 March 2015

As of today, we have 470 investors through our Seedrs crowd-funding campaign. Thank you to all who have invested. You will be receiving your certificates once the campaign is over. If you would like to invest, please use this link to access our campaign page direct.

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News From the Vineyard Posted:12 March 2015

End of the pruning. Now we check the stakes to begin the year with a perfect vineyard.

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Tasting Tuesdays Posted:12 March 2015

You can now try our wines in Putney. Come along to one of our tasting evenings at London Grace, 28 Putney High Street, London SW15 1SL. There is no fee for admission, but please book your place here.

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Domaine du Grand Mayne delighted to support Action Against Hunger Posted:11 March 2015

On Monday, 9th March, Action Against Hunger held an event to celebrate all the restaurants that had supported them in their Love Food Give Food Campaign over 2014. Domaine du Grand Mayne was delighted to provide the wine for this event.

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Coverage in Harpers Wine Magazine Online – French vineyard wins crowdfunding beats Seedrs record Posted:2 March 2015

A French vineyard that launched a crowdfunding campaign has already attracted the record number of investors.


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Record-breaking Seedrs launch for community wine project, Domaine du Grand Mayne Posted:2 March 2015

French vineyard and award winning wine maker Domaine du Grand Mayne has gone public on Seedrs today, with the highest number of investors during soft launch that the crowdfunding platform has ever experienced.  The business is already almost 50% to its target for funding.


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Le A recommendation by Olivier Bompas Posted:17 February 2015

Here at Domaine du Grand Mayne we’ve long been of the opinion that there are some wonderful food pairings for our wines.  That’s why we were particularly delighted when renowned sommelier and journalist Olivier Bompas listed us in his recent article about the delights of wild boar.


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Live website Posted:18 January 2015

This website went live for the first time.  Please forgive us for any glitches that remain.  We will try to clear them as soon as we can.

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