Pre-bottling Offer for Magnums & Jeroboams
Posted:23 June 2015

We will be bottling the 2013 Merlot Cabernet, the 2013 Reserve white and the 2012 Reserve red in July, with a small portion of each going into larger bottles. As they have proved popular in the past, we thought we’d give you the opportunity to secure stock by ordering pre bottling. On a per litre basis, the prices for the Magnum and Jeroboam are the same as for the standard 750ml bottles and remember that the Merlot Cabernet can also be bought with personalised labels for gifts, anniversaries, weddings or other special events.

We must though receive your order please via our UK office before the end of June, and your wines will be ready for you in August or we would be happy to hold them for you until you need them.

2013 Merlot Cabernet: Magnum @ £14 delivered UK / €9 collected Calais. Jeroboam £28 delivered UK / €18 collected Calais.
It’s a miracle that in this very difficult vintage, Mathieu has produced a wine like this. The wine is dominated by the Merlot that was picked before the hail swept through the vineyard, destroying much of the Cabernet. It’s a lovely, supple juicy wine that we think is perfect for drinking any time over the next three years.

Personalised labels on the Merlot Cabernet are available at a minimum personalisation fee of €50.

2013 Réserve Sauvignon/Semillon. Magnum @ £18 delivered UK / €15 collected Calais. Jeroboam £36 delivered UK / €30 collected Calais.
Dominated by Sauvignon which was also picked before the hail, the 2013 Reserve white was in barrel for 12 months of which a quarter was new. The wine has a lovely fresh floral character, with a background of vanilla. It’s soft and almost buttery on the palate and ready to go as far as drinking’s concerned, although as with all our Reserve wines it will age well for 3 to 5 years if you can resist drinking it for that long.

2012 Réserve Merlot Cabernet. Magnum @ £18 delivered UK / €15 collected Calais. Jeroboam £36 delivered UK / €30 collected Calais.
This was a long vintage with harvesting going on well into October, and that has resulted in this lovely elegant wine. It’s a deep attractive ruby colour, and the two years in barrel has softened the wine beautifully so like the white it’s ready to go and will give lots of pleasure over the coming 5 or so years.

As ever, to order please just let me know by phone or by email what you would like. Minimum order size is six bottles for magnums or three bottles for jeroboams.

For more information, please contact Richard in the UK office.

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