Pruning in the snow
Posted:6 March 2018

It’s cold, it takes weeks and weeks for the team in the cold and wet, but it’s really important to get right because the making of great wines starts here each year!

At Domaine du Grand Mayne we have different grape varieties, a mosaic of soils and vines of different ages. It’s great for the end product but as a result we have to adapt the type of pruning and training:-

-“La taille en Guyot” works well where we need to help the quantity of grapes per vine which is important for us on some terroir without a lot of vigour.

-“La taille en Cordon”is very good to control the yield and reduce the production to be sure to have very good grapes with even maturation.

Click here for a video are showing the “Taille en Cordon” on our Cabernet Sauvignon.

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