2019 Merlot Cabernet - NEW VINTAGE

2019 Merlot Cabernet - NEW VINTAGE
Case contains 6 bottles
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A little bit richer than the 2018, it impresses with the power of the flavours. This red wine is juicy, fruity, fresh and has beautiful and fine tannins.


The quality of a red wine comes from the maturity and natural concentration of the grape. 

At Grand Mayne we take special care to control the production of our grapes. This is achieved by pruning the vines to avoid excess production, removing surplus vegetation throughout the growing season and introducing a “green Harvest” to cut off a certain percentage of the crop in August before the vintage. 

We have also invested in a leaf- removing machine which reduces the leaves surrounding the bunches of grapes by 30 percent, allowing the grapes to receive more sun and light and ripen more evenly. The vintage for red grapes normally starts towards the end of September when the grapes are picked by machine which automatically removes any unwanted leaves and stalks.

A pre-selection at the vineyard also ensures that any unwanted grapes are removed. Then the grapes pass through a “fouloir” where they are lightly crushed before being pumped into temperature controlled stainless steel vats.

The maceration, colour extraction techniques and fermentation temperature and length depend on the year and cuvee. The un-oaked red wine of Domaine du Grand Mayne is intended to be soft and fruity so during the wine making we want to extract the colour from the skins – but not too much tannin. This means a short maceration, during which we regularly pump the juice over the skins, followed by a controlled fermentation at 30 degrees.

The grapes are then pressed and the young wines are left in the vats to settle out during the following months. The secondary malolactic fermentation, when the naturally occurring malic acid (found in apples) is converted into the softer lactic acid (found in milk) occurs naturally during the winter months. Our un-oaked wine is then matured in stainless steel for eighteen months. Before bottling, we add fifteen percent of oak-aged wine to give extra finesse and length.

Priced per case of six bottles

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Technical Summary

Wine Notes

Additional Information

Bottle Size 75cl
Grapes Merlot 80% Cabernet sauvignon 15% Cabernet franc 5%
Vinification Nocturnal harvest with selective sorting. Cold pre-fermentation maceration. Gentle extraction. 18-month maturation in stainless steel vats.
Tasting A little bit richer than the 2018, it impresses with the power of the flavours. This red wine is juicy, fruity, fresh and has beautiful and fine tannins.
Cellaring Cellar for up to six years.
Food pairing Aperitifs, charcuterie, oily fish, paella, red meat.
ABV 13.5%
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Personalise your wines

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